Coldplay Unveil ‘Orphans’ And ‘Arabesque,’ The First Two Songs From Their ‘Everyday Life’ Album

Coldplay kicked off a new album cycle this week when they announced their upcoming double album, Everyday Life. They’re not wasting any time giving fans a taste of what’s to come, and now, they have premiered two new songs on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show: “Orphans” and “Arabesque.” “Orphans” is the kind of epic pop-rock track that has earned them millions of fans globally, and the acoustic guitar of “Arabesque” is reminiscent of some of Coldplay’s earlier work, but the song is also about as funky as anything the band has made, and it definitely has a modern Coldplay polish.

Chris Martin spoke about the new music with Mac, saying, “There was something about our last tour that just made me at peace with speaking openly and not minding if people disagree. I don’t really dislike anybody or anything, but I do have feelings about things. I feel like this has been the first time where we’ve felt like, ‘Oh, well we’ve got to this kind of place as a band, so there’s really nothing to think about career-wise, as it were.’ So you can just speak completely freely and let all the colors of your own life come through. So some of it’s very personal but real things in my life, and some of it’s about things that I see, or we see, and some of it’s about trying to empathize with what other people are going through.”

Yesterday, Coldplay shared the tracklist for Everyday Life by posting it in the classifieds section of the Daily Post newspaper. The band slyly hinted they would do something like this: When they announced the album earlier this week, they wrote, “In the classifieds you might write, ‘one double album for sale, one very careful owner.'” The tracklist includes one track that is written in Arabic, which translates to “Person” (according to Google Translate).

Listen to “Orphans” and “Arabesque” above, and find the Everyday Life tracklist below.

01. “Sunrise”
02. “Church”
03. “Trouble In Town”
04. “Broken”
05. “Daddy”
06. “Wotw / Potp”
07. “Arabesque”
08. “When I Need A Friend”

01. “Guns”
02. “Orphans”
03. “Èkó”
04. “Cry Cry Cry”
05. “Old Friends”
06. “بني آدم”
07. “Champion Of The World”
08. “Everyday Life”

Coldplay is a Warner Music artist. .