Crumb Announce Their Heady Sophomore Album, ‘Ice Melt’

After forming a band together at Tufts University in Boston, Crumb showcased their knack for atmospheric songwriting through two early EPs. The band eventually further explored their sound with their independently released debut album Jinx back in 2019. Lately, Crumb has been teasing another project through a handful of hypnotic singles, but they’ve now come forward to officially announce their sophomore album.

On Wednesday, Crumb unveiled details surrounding Ice Melt, their second full-length LP which is only a few weeks way from being released. About the album, vocalist Lila Ramani describes the project as a “return back down to earth,” saying that the music aims to examine “real substances and beings that live on this planet.”

While Ice Melt is another independent release from Crumb, it was conceptualized after the band’s founding members moved across the country to LA. It’s songs were written over the course of two years and recorded with producer Jonathan Rado, who is best known as a member of Foxygen.

Just ahead of the Ice Melt announcement, Crumb teased their upcoming album with a cryptic video shot from the perspective of a Pomeranian dog walking through the streets of LA.

Check out Crumb’s Ice Melt album cover and tracklist below.

Crumb Records

1. “Up & Down”
2. “BNR”
3. “Seeds”
4. “L.A.”
5. “Gone”
6. “Retreat!”
7. “Trophy”
8. “Balloon”
9. “Tunnel (All That You Had)”
10. “Ice Melt”

Ice Melt is out 4/30 via Crumb Records. Pre-order it here.