FKA Twigs Shares A Night-And-Day Video For Her Wild New Single ‘Home With You’

FKA Twigs’ anticipated new album Magdalene is out at the end of the month, and now she has released a video for another new song, “Home With You.” The video begins in a club and ends with FKA Twigs outside in the morning light. This mirrors the song, as it begins as a dark ambient track before swelling into an emotional and bright catharsis.

Twigs spoke about the song with Zane Lowe, saying:

“I think for me, ‘Home With You’ is a record that I’ve written from the heart, and it talks about really just me going home to the suburbs where I’m from in Gloucestershire. When in doubt, I just follow my gut and try to be around nature, go back to the Cotswolds, and get in touch with my family. […] I think the song has a very wild structure, but to me it does just flow over you, and I think that’s why because it did just happen in the moment. It was a real ‘Here it is’ sort of moment. […] I remember with ‘Home With You,’ I had the MP3 on my phone and then I came back to it the next day and I was like, ‘Wow, we really did that.'”

She also talked about Magdalene and explained her perspective on the album’s namesake, Mary Magdalene, saying, “For me, Magdalene was, one of the biggest projects I’ve ever taken on, and it really opened up a big question for who I was as a woman and my independence and exploring the archetype that is the Virgin Whore. […] For me, Mary Magdalene was less from the religious aspect and more just from the feminine. I didn’t look at her as a character, a person in the Bible. It wasn’t like that for me. It was more looking at her as a woman and what she represented, what her archetype was, what was her true story, how was it manipulated, how does that relate to the matriarchy in general.”

Watch the “Home With You” video above.

Magdalene is out 10/25 via Young Turks. Pre-order it here.