Helado Negro’s Remix Of Gordi’s ‘Free Association’ Heralds Her ‘Our Two Skins’ Remix EP

Gordi released her excellent album Our Two Skins back in June, which reflected on love, loss, and identity. Now that the album has been out for a few months, the singer decided to put her music in the hands of her trusted contemporaries so that they could reimagine the album in various ways. Sharing the Helado Negro remix of “Free Association,” Gordi announced her upcoming Our Two Skins (Remix) EP.

Helado Negro’s “Free Association” remix subdues the song into a quiet ballad, stripping back Gordi’s resonating instrumentals in favor of eerie synths. Speaking about Helado Negro’s remix, Gordi said she’s been a big fan of the musician for some time:

“I must have listened to This Is How You Smile a dozen times when it came out. The subtle pulses and feelings that run through the music that Roberto [Helado Negro] makes are truly unique. Hearing that same life flood through ‘Free Association’ — the closer of Our Two Skins — is very special to me.”

Listen to Helado Negro’s “Free Association” remix above and below, find Gordi’s Our Two Skins (Remix) album art and tracklist.


1. “Radiator (Lawrence English Remix)”
2. “Free Association (Helado Negro Remix)”
3. “Unready (Loraine James Remix)”
4. “Extraordinary Life (Georgia Maq Remix)”
5. “Extraordinary Life (Alex Somers Remix)”
6. “Unready (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)”
7. “Radiator (Lawrence English Remix – Eternal Coda)”

Our Two Skins (Remix) is out 1/27 via Jagjaguwar. Pre-order it here.