Grimes Appeared On ‘SNL’ As Princess Peach To ‘Try’ Her Hand Acting

In between Miley Cyrus’ performances, Elon Musk’s hosting, and Dogecoin’s failure to reach the moon the latest Saturday Night Live episode featured an unexpected guest during one of its sketches. Grimes joined the SNL cast members for a Super Mario-themed segment that saw Wario — played by Elon Musk — on trial for the murder of Mario.

The sketch began with cross-examinations of Luigi and Wario himself before a plot twist revealed that Princess Peach was cheating on Wario with Luigi, an accusation that was proved by text messages during the trial.

Grimes teased her appearance on SNL through a post she shared on Instagram hours before the show. She shared the news with a lengthy caption that detailed parts of a phone call she had with a friend about the cryptocurrency Ethereum and other things and concluded with her writing, “Tune into SNL tonight to watch me try acting!” Her involvement in the skit also comes after she gave an explanation for why she may not have been invited to perform on SNL.

“The music booker from SNL came to my show once but I literally concussed myself in the first ten mins of the show, blacked out and played a famously horrific set that I have no memory of,” she wrote. “And I think the booker thinks im the worst live act ever haha but kinda funny anecdote.”

You can watch the skit in the video above.

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