Grimes Unveils The ‘Miss Anthropocene’ Release Date And Drops ‘So Heavy I Fell Through The Earth’

It’s been a long road to Grimes’ upcoming album Miss Anthropocene, but we’re getting closer. Grimes has shared new music in recent days, and now she’s back with another fresh track, “So Heavy I Fell Through The Earth.” The dreamy new song comes in two versions: The “Art Mix” from the video above appears on the album, and it runs for about six minutes, while the “Algorithm Mix” is closer to four minutes in length.

The 4AD website also includes some concrete info about Miss Anthropocene: Is is set to be released on February 21, and the site also includes the cover art and 10-song tracklist.

The release date lines up with what Grimes said about the album last month, writing in an Instagram comment, “well I’m on. An indie label so basically it takes 3 months to even just print vinyl. Album is way done but we don’t have priority at facilities to make the physical stuff so basically just chillin while it gets made haha bht I have lots@of stuff coming and some features w other ppl etc. it’ll be a good productive year.”

Listen to “So Heavy I Fell Through The Earth (Art Mix)” above, and below, check out the “Algorithm Mix,” as well as the Miss Anthropocene art and tracklist.


1. “So Heavy I Fell Through The Earth (Art Mix)”
2. “Darkseid (Grimes & 潘Pan)”
3. “Delete Forever”
4. “Violence (Grimes & I_O)”
5. “4ÆM”
6. “New Gods”
7. “My Name Is Dark”
8. “You’ll Miss Me When I’m Not Around”
9. “Before The Fever”
10. “IDORU”

Miss Anthropocene is out 2/21/2020 via 4AD. Pre-order it here.