Hovvdy Revisit Childhood Memories In Their Black-And-White ‘Blindsided’ Video

Texas indie-folk duo Hovvdy are set to release their latest studio album, True Love, this Friday via Grand Jury. In the lead up, Charlie Martin and Will Taylor have shared a poignant video for their new song “Blindsided,” which is directed by Hayden Hubner and features black-and-white, handheld-camera footage that draws inspiration from home movies both past and present.

“There was a huge magnolia tree across the street from the house where I grew up,” Martin says of the clip. “I have this vivid memory of a storm rolling in and climbing up so high I stuck my head out the top. This song is filled with similar memories, the kind that push and pull you. I was so scared and I was so happy.”

Back in July, the duo shared their fourth album’s title track. In a statement, they shared, “For each Hovvdy record there’s always been a song that kinda shocks my system, kinda jolts me into a brand new and inspired place. This was definitely that song for me. I remember writing it and feeling a rush of excitement — crying a lot honestly. it feels so good to express love and appreciation when you really fucking mean it. but it’s hard to feel worthy of love, of something so rare, and all we can do is try to measure up — that’s what that last part is all about.”

True Love is out 10/1 via Grand Jury. Pre-order it here.