John Mayer Shares A Funny And Relatable New Christmas Song, ‘CVS Bag’

On the musical front, John Mayer has kept fairly quiet in 2019, aside from a pair of singles, “I Guess I Just Feel Like” and “Carry Me Away.” Fans haven’t been left out in the cold, though, as Mayer’s Instagram show Current Mood is going strong. On a recent episode, he performed a funny new Christmas song, which isn’t about snow, sleigh bells, or other traditional holiday fare. Instead, it’s about something else that many of us can relate to: CVS bags.

Mayer shared a standalone video of “CVS Bag” and wrote, “I wrote a song about the trustiest of companions while staying at someone else’s house for the holidays.”

The song begins, “Stayin’ with family for the holidays / I’m a guest in the house again / It’s a real small town and it’s known to shut down / At like 8 or 9 p.m. / Ooh, I fell asleep too early / I woke up at midnight, I was hungry / It was alright, you were there: CVS bag on the table / CVS bag, you’re all that I have / CVS bag, mostly snacks and a charger cable.”

Also this year, Mayer (along with the rest of Dead And Company) performed with Maggie Rogers at Madison Square Garden, created a foundation dedicated to helping veterans with health issues, and threw a really convincing fake Vanity Fair Oscars party.

Watch Mayer perform “CVS Bag” above.