Jon Hamm Is An Oblivious Eels Superfan In The Band’s Hilarious ‘Are We Alright Again’ Video

Eels (the project of Mark Oliver Everett) have remained consistently productive over the past couple decades and beyond. The group usually pumps out an album at least once every two or three years, and now they’re back with their thirteenth record, Earth To Dora. The album came out in October, and today, they have brought renewed attention to it with a video for “Are We Alright Again,” which stars Jon Hamm.

In the clip, Hamm plays a dedicated Eels fan, rocking an Eels t-shirt as he sits down next to a vinyl copy of the band’s 2010 album End Times. With a drink in hand, Hamm puts on some headphones, listens to “Are We Alright Again,” and takes a load off. He gets a little too relaxed, though, as he doesn’t notice a group of thieves entering his home. The robbers think their plan has been foiled as they notice Hamm in the room, but they manage to strip the place clean and make a getaway before Hamm realizes everything he owns is gone.

The band says of the video and song, “A typical Eels fan finds solace in Eels music. The feel-good hit of the feel-worst year.” Meanwhile, this is Hamm’s second music video in recent days, as he also popped up in Jeff Tweedy’s “Gwendolyn” clip from last month.

Watch the “Are We Alright Again” video above.

Earth To Dora is out now E Works/PIAS Recordings. Get it here.