Justin Vernon Reportedly Gave The Maximum Allowed Donation To The Campaigns Of Bernie Sanders And Elizabeth Warren

With the Democratic primary elections looming, it’s no surprise that many citizens have already picked out their favorites to receive the nomination to run against the incumbent President of the United States. It’s also no surprise that those citizens count among their number many celebrities and entertainers, who have also been quite vocal in their support for the various candidates. For instance, Cardi B and Killer Mike have thrown their considerable clout behind Bernie Sanders‘ campaign. Now, they can count Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon as a fellow supporter — one who also put his money where his mouth is.

Buzzfeed’s Katherine Miller reported on Twitter that per FEC filings (the Federal Election Commission, which enforces campaign finance law in United States federal elections), Vernon has donated the maximum allowed cash to the campaigns of both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. “Per FEC filings, Justin Vernon maxed out in primary dollars to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren,” she wrote, which lines up with comments he previously made supporting both candidates’ campaigns. The contribution limits for 2019-2020 federal elections for an individual to a candidate committee is $2,800 per election.

The FEC website defines the rules governing how the money may be spent; according to the FEC, “Although an individual may contribute up to the primary limit to a publicly funded presidential primary candidate, only a maximum of $250 of each individual’s contribution is counted towards federal matching funds. A publicly funded presidential primary candidate must agree to limit spending from the candidate’s personal funds to $50,000.”