Lil Nas X Sampled Fiona Apple, And She Wants Her Money

Lil Nas X reportedly got in some trouble recently over an unauthorized sample in one of his songs, and now he has somebody else who isn’t too pleased with him for the same reason.

In a new video, Fiona Apple addresses Lil Nas X sampling her song “Every Single Night” on his 2018 track “Kim Jong,” saying, “The one thing that the lovely Rachel Handler didn’t mention that I did say in the interview, which I would just like to say now is: Lil Nas X, you’re probably really great, but you used my song ‘Every Single Night,’ too. You sampled that song, too, in a song called ‘Kim Jong Un,’ I think. And, um, hey, where’s my money? You cute little guy. Where’s my money?”

The interview Apple mentioned is a recently published feature from Vulture, in which she responds to the assertion that she is selective about how her music is used:

“You know, can I just say something about that, which is funny? I don’t remember hearing the song they wanted to put that [‘Every Single Night’] in. The reason I didn’t give it to them — besides the fact that I don’t remember it, so it probably wasn’t that great to me — is because this other guy had just used a sample of that same song and had signed to my label. He’d already made a big video with that song in the background. So I was like, “Hey, what the f*ck is going on here?” I ended up giving permission because I didn’t have a choice; they’d already used it in a song and video. And then Panic! At The Disco asked, and I was like, ‘Wow, I can’t believe they even asked me.’ Usually people just go ahead and use it. I was just trying to not sh*t all over somebody else’s sampling of my song by doing it twice, but [Brendon Urie] called me a b*tch. Which I think is hilarious.”

“Kim Jong” is not currently streaming, so with that in mind, it would seem that Lil Nas X has perhaps never earned any money from that song.