Long Beard Debuts An Enchanting Single ‘Sweetheart’ Ahead Of Her New Album ‘Means To Me’

Indie rock artist Long Beard has announced her return with a new album, Means To Me. The project released the single “Sweetheart” to give a taste of her sophomore album, out on 9/13 via Double Double Whammy. Frontwoman Leslie Bear’s melancholy tone reminisces about a high school sweetheart from the past over warm-toned guitar melodies.

In a statement, Bear explained the wistful tone of “Sweetheart” is her way of making a meaningful connection with the past. She said:

“‘Sweetheart’ is a nostalgic song that shifts between the distant past and the present. It’s a letter to someone you’ve lost touch with from a long time ago, finding some small connection to their life with regards to yours- how the thought of them resurfaces every once in a while and how they may have shaped the person you’ve become while wondering if you’ve had a similar impact on them. It’s a jangly/indie pop song reminiscent of the 90’s with a chimey lead guitar that weaves in and out. It’s written almost as a stream of consciousness with a heavy daydream mood.”

Means To Me is Long Beard’s follow-up to her 2015 debut Sleepwalker. In the four years that’s passed since her debut record, Bear has gone through many transitional phases which have shaped her upcoming release. A job change lead Bear to move back to her old hometown in New Jersey, where she experienced loneliness after realizing all her old friends had moved away. This loneliness and longing for the past are discernible on tracks like “Sweetheart,” where Bear reflects on a past love and her life in relation to theirs.

Means To Me was co-produced by Bear and Japanese Breakfast‘s Craig Hendrix and mastered by Beach House‘s Heba Kadry. Means To Me is currently available for pre-order and out Septmeber 13 via Double Double Whammy.

Check out Means To Me‘s album artwork and tracklist.

Double Double Whammy

1. “Countless”
2. “Getting By”
3. “Snow Globe”
4. “Sweetheart”
5. “Empty Bottle”
6. “In The Morning”
7. “Forever”
8. “Means To Me”
9. “Monarch”
10. “The Last”