Matty Healy Is Releasing Music From Drive Like I Do, His Pre-The 1975 Band

Despite The 1975 releasing the 22-track album Notes On A Conditional Form last year, the band is already hard at work on new music. They recently revealed that they’re working on yet another release in light of their canceled 2021 tour, but that’s not all. Vocalist Matty Healy is also working on a special project: reviving his pre-The 1975 band.

Healy revealed that he’s working on an album as Drive Like I Do, the band he was in before forming The 1975. After teasing a few snippets of the music, Healy hopped on his Instagram Stories to explain what he’s working on:

“There’s a lot of people asking me about Drive Like I Do. Drive Like I Do was the band we were before the 1975. It’s as humble as it was. So there’s the old music, there’s a little bit of new music. I’m not going to make a fanfare about it. it’s not coming out today, but it’s coming out pretty soon. It’ll be a nice little thing. There’s loads of things going on, coming out. I’m excited.”

The news arrives after Healy’s mother spilled some details about the project in an interview. “Matthew is working on a solo project,” she said. “I’ve got two boys in the entertainment industry. It’s a nightmare but I’m proud of them both. I’m very lucky that my boys have both got good heads on their shoulders.”

Watch Healy talk about his upcoming project above.