My Morning Jacket Come Together From A Distance To Perform ‘Feel You’ On ‘Kimmel’

My Morning Jacket’s album The Waterfall came out all the way back in 2015, and it took five years for them to release its sequel: The aptly titled The Waterfall II dropped this year. It’s a weird time for bands to promote albums right now, but especially for My Morning Jacket, whose stage presence is a significant part of their appeal. While they can’t get in front of real-life audiences, fans have been able to check them out on TV, at least. They guested on The Tonight Show in July, and last night, they hopped on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

For their performance of “Feel You,” the band went full-on socially distanced. The band members weren’t in the same room, but they took advantage of green screens and clever editing to put on a wonderful audiovisual display.

As Rolling Stone notes, Jim James recently indicated the band has a “completely new record” ready to be released, saying, “The new album is done, but whenever we release it we wanna play shows for it. We wanna make it a thing because it’s so exciting to have these new songs and wanna play ’em live. And we really recorded them really live — it was just the five of us.”

Watch My Morning Jacket perform “Feel You” above.