Indie Mixtape 20: Nothing,Nowhere. Will Stay Anywhere On Tour, As Long As It’s Clean

It would be easy to write off Nothing,Nowhere. as just another rap-rock artist. But on his new song “Blood,” it’s clear that there’s a lot more going into Joe Mulherin’s production style. The track is built with hip-hop beats and a driving distorted bass line, which gives the production more of a pop-punk feel. While the verses are primarily rapped, Mulherin’s vocals take on a more melodic turn during the chorus, while taking a page out of Linkin Park’s book and incorporating a second layered screaming vocal.

To celebrate “Blood,” which features KennyHoopla and Judge, Mulherin sat down to talk Billy Madison, Prince, and log cabins in the latest Indie Mixtape 20 Q&A.

What are four words you would use to describe your music?

Authentic, real, raw, honest.

It’s 2050 and the world hasn’t ended and people are still listening to your music. How would you like it to be remembered?

Just that it was versatile and hopefully that it helped other artists to step outside their own boundaries.

What’s your favorite city in the world to perform?

Moscow. The energy was insane there.

Who’s the person who has most inspired your work, and why?

My family. They made me who I am and encouraged me to keep going when I wanted to quit.

Where did you eat the best meal of your life?

I remember me and one of my best friends Jay Vee made vegan chicken and waffles from scratch. Waffle maker, seitan, the whole thing. We topped it off with maple syrup that I tapped from my yard.

What album do you know every word to?

Honestly don’t think I could know every word to any album. I’m terrible with remembering lyrics – I can’t even remember my own. The music and overall feeling speaks to me mostly.

What was the best concert you’ve ever attended?

One of the first ones I ever went to was Boys Night Out in Boston. It was so cool being a kid and experiencing live music for the first time in a small club.

What is the best outfit for performing and why?

Whatever is clean honestly, I try not to overthink it.

Who’s your favorite person to follow on Twitter and/or Instagram?

@dril on twitter. Thank me later.

What’s your most frequently played song in the van on tour?

Last tour it was “Hard Way” by Baby Jayy. The bus was going off to that one.

What’s the last thing you Googled?

“Wendys vegan nuggets” and “Snowblower.”

What album makes for the perfect gift?

Prince’s Purple Rain.

Where’s the weirdest place you’ve ever crashed while on tour?

I slept in someone’s RV on their farm one time with some cats. We also crashed at an older couples second house without them even being there. We later found out that it was a gathering house for ‘adult activities’ I’ll say.

What’s the story behind your first or favorite tattoo?

I have a log cabin on my arm. I love it because it looks so cozy.

What artists keep you from flipping the channel on the radio?

I don’t usually listen to the radio, but whenever I hear Vertical Horizon I’m all in.

What’s the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?

Been there for me when I needed help or was struggling mentally.

What’s one piece of advice you’d go back in time to give to your 18-year-old self?

Just keep skating, keep making music, and remember to breathe.

What’s the last show you went to?

Probably watching bands when I played Reading and Leeds / Rock am Ring last year. Underoath mainly.

What movie can you not resist watching when it’s on TV?

Tommy Boy, Sleepy Hollow, Billy Madison, Django Unchained.

What would you cook if Kanye were coming to your house for dinner?

Something from the garden, something fresh like I would for any guest.

“Blood” is out now. Listen here.