Someone Is Using Photos Of Phoebe Bridgers To Catfish On Dating Apps And She’s Living For It

Much of the world remains behind closed doors due to the spread of the coronavirus, and it has led to people needing to come up with creative ways to entertain themselves while self-quarantining. While musicians like Charli XCX, Death Cab For Cutie’s Ben Gibbard, and Coldplay’s Chris Martin attempt to keep people entertained by hosting various livestreams, others are creating their own fun. A Phoebe Bridgers fan noticed that someone is trying to catfish people on dating apps by creating a convincing profile with photos of the singer.

A fan sent Bridgers a screenshot of a Tinder profile that used a photo of Bridgers under the alias “Cassie.” The photo shows Bridgers grinning in a shop in front of an array of acoustic guitars. While others may have been angry, Bridgers was amused. “made it,” she wrote on the photo’s caption. “the world can end now if it wants.”

The tweet led to another fan revealing they had too come across the profile and “thought they did a decent job on the bio.” Bridgers agreed, reacting to the bio which reads: “my mom told me i have to get my sh*t together so here i am :)”

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