The ‘Radiohead Public Library’ Features Rare Songs Streaming For The First Time And Other Goodies

Artist websites don’t usually have a ton to them beyond things like a list of tour dates, merchandise, and links to stream their music. Well, Radiohead decided that they want to be a lot more that. Today, the group introduced the “Radiohead Public Library,” a gigantic new section of the site dedicated to showing off a lot of goodies from throughout the band’s history.

Announcing the news, the band tweeted, “ has always been infuriatingly uninformative and unpredictable. We have now, predictably, made it incredibly informative. We present: the RADIOHEAD PUBLIC LIBRARY.”

To help fans dip their toes in, each of the group’s members is taking turns serving as “librarian” for a day, offering a curated look at some of the resources that are available on the expansive new site.

The site is something Radiohead diehards could spend hours browsing. One highlight is the band’s 1992 debut EP Drill, which is now streaming for the first time. The group also shared old newsletters they used to send out to fans. The site also features their famous webcasts, full concert videos, new releases of classic merch, all the band’s music videos in high quality, and so many more things.

Check out the full “Radiohead Public Library” here.