Rosie Tucker’s ‘Habit’ Video Is A Citrus-Filled Apology Letter

Rosie Tucker‘s Never Not Never Not Never Not is one of our favorite albums of the year so far, and the singer has released a new video for one of the record’s standout tracks, “Habit.”

“Habit” is a cathartic rush of a song. Tucker lets their feelings tumble from their mouth as fast as they come, an avalanche after keeping them bottled up too long. The fuzzed-out guitars and persistent drums keep the song grounded, and Tucker’s voice sends it up to the sky.

The video for “Habit” is perfect match for the song’s confessional mood. Director Julia Lebow films Tucker biting and eating lemons and looking remorseful in front of an “I’m Sorry” banner. In most shots, with Tucker dressed in all black and the background stark white behind them, the lemons and gold balloon banner are the sole, striking pop of color in the whole shot. Tucker also has a cool lemon yellow guitar, a cool match for the video’s color scheme.

Hopefully the “Habit” video is the first of many to come from Tucker. Never Not Never Not Never Not is one of the most exciting indie releases of 2019 so far, and definitely worth checking out in full.

Watch the video for “Habit” above.