Ryan Pollie Shares The Upbeat ‘On The Nose’ To Announce A New Album, ‘Stars’

Last year saw Ryan Pollie dive into a new project, adopting a distortion-heavy sound for music under the name Total Revenge. Here in 2021, though, he’s been getting back to releasing material under his own name. He dropped the multi-part “The Shore House” a month ago, and now he’s back with the upbeat and lighthearted “On The Nose.”

Pollie says of the track, “Inspired by summers seeing the Dead at outside theaters, pre-gaming in parking lots. Having fun in the car. Rob Dobson plays the lead guitar role of Jerry here, taking John Mayer to school. The lyrics grapple with getting older, missing shows and taking summer vacations for granted. We don’t get those anymore.”

Of his new music in general, he previously noted that while it touches upon his recent cancer battle, it’s actually upbeat: “Of course the music you’re going to be hearing from me has a bit to do with when I was sick and what I’ve been pondering about my own life and life in general since then. Looking back, regret, and the like. But this is certainly the most joyous material I’ve ever released — my sad boy 22-year-old self would be in disbelief!”

Watch the “On The Nose” video above and find the Stars tracklist below.

Forged Artifacts

1. “The Shore House”
2. “On The Nose”
3. “Harriton House”
4. “Our Of It”
5. “Don’t Lie”
6. “Best Love I Ever Had”
7. “Spine”
8. “Steal Away”
9. “The Thing”
10. “Market”

Stars is out 12/10 via Forged Artifacts. Pre-order it here.