The Beths Plot A Complicated Heist In Their Playful ‘Mars, The God Of War’ Video

New Zealand four-piece The Beths shared their ardent sophomore record Jump Rope Gazers back in July. Ahead of the album’s release, the group shared a handful of videos to songs like “Out Of Sight,” “I’m Not Getting Excited,” “Dying To Believe,” and the album’s title track. Now, getting together once again, The Beths share a lighthearted video to their song “Mars, The God Of War.”

Directed by Callum Devlin and Annabel Kean, the “Mars, The God Of War” video depicts The Beths attempting to pull off a complicated heist. The band dons fake mustaches and dark sunglasses as cover before eventually getting themselves into trouble.

In a statement about the video, The Beths’ vocalist Liz Stokes said the playfulness of the visual reflects everyone’s giddy excitement about New Zealand being fully re-opened. “The video has a really silly energy that everyone really embraced,” Stokes said. “With NZ being COVID-free, there’s a real palpable joy and euphoria in being able to get together and make something. We feel very lucky and Sports Team smashed it out of the park once again.”

Directors Devlin and Kean added:

“As well as being genius musicians, in our minds The Beths are defined by being a committed, intelligent and extremely efficient team, and have turned the collaborative inner workings of an indie rock band into an art in itself. We wanted to explore that side of the band in the ultimate team-up genre; a high stakes twist laden heist movie. Obviously. Also, we seem to find the idea of The Beths entering into a life of crime frankly hilarious. We love working with The Beths. No band is more committed to exhausting every possible gag out of a situation. We initially plotted out the entire film, but decided to abandon it in favour of making as gag-dense a video as possible, if that makes sense.”

Watch The Beths’ “Mars, The God Of War” video above.

Jump Rope Gazers is out now via Carpark Records. Get it here.