Tnght Share ‘Clever Pants,’ The Flute-Focused Bonus Track From The EP ‘II’

After a six-year hiatus, Tnght suddenly returned with the single “Serpent” and a promise of new material. Two singles later, Tnght’s EP II finally arrived, but the band didn’t stop there. Tnght shared the bonus track “Clever Pants” a month after the release of their EP.

“Clever Pants” aligns with Tnght’s previous singles. The instrumental, off-kilter tune features light percussion and mixed vocal samples under a punchy flute. The layers combine to craft energetic melodies and colorful beat drops. “Imagine playing a Rayman level with this soundtrack?” said Lunice, one half of Tnght. “It’s what I thought when we were making this.”

Upon releasing the bonus track, Tnght announced the “sneaky” song on their social media.

Ahead of the EP’s release, Lunice described the different energy of the project. “While it doesn’t sound the same as the first record — the energy is. This could only come from us.” Mohawke, the second half of the band, also added, “I think it’s a good indicator if something sounds weird and refreshing to us. It’s got to f*ck with us a little bit when we’re listening to it.”

Listen to “Clever Pants” above.

EP II is out now via Warp/LuckyMe. Get it here.