Tnght’s New Single ‘First Body’ Is A Bouncy Preview Of Their Comeback EP, ‘II’

Until recently, it had been a long time since the world got new music from Tnght. The duo (Lunice and Hudson Mohawke) shared their self-titled debut EP in 2012, and not long after that, they went on hiatus. They recently made their return, however, with “Dollaz.” The single (their first in six years) is the first taste of their upcoming sophomore EP, II (their first in seven years).

The new EP is set for release in about a week, and ahead of then, they have shared another preview of the EP with “First Body.” Led by a bouncy beat serving as the foundation for midi lute and saxophone, the song is another example of Tnght’s keen ability to push boundaries without losing a strong sense of focus along the way, no matter how experimental they get.

Lunice says of II, “While it doesn’t sound the same as the first record – the energy is. This could only come from us.” Mohawke also adds, “I think it’s a good indicator if something sounds weird and refreshing to us. It’s got to f*ck with us a little bit when we’re listening to it.”

Listen to “First Body” above.

II is out 11/12 via Warp/LuckyMe. Pre-order it here.