Torres Is A Nearly Nude Cowboy In Her Racy ‘Dressing America’ Video

Torres’ new album, Silver Tongue, will be out in just a couple weeks now (on January 31), and she has shared some previews of the record so far, like “Good Scare” and “Gracious Day.” Now she has returned with a visual for a new song, and in her (probably NSFW) “Dressing America” clip, Torres gets almost completely naked and dances around in a cowboy hat.

In the clip, Torres sings the song in her house and in the streets, decked out in cowboy garb. About halfway through, she wears only boots, underwear, a hat, and pasties as she and another women dance with and carry each other. The song’s lyrics reflect this country theme, as Torres sings, “I tend to sleep with my boots on / Should I need to gallop over dark waters / To you on short notice.”

Torres spoke about the cowboy imagery that is present on the song and in her new album, saying in a recent interview, “The country trope is very humorous, but it’s also what I grew up in. So it’s camp, but it’s also serious. I’ve always wanted to be that country boy who impregnates his girlfriend in the back of a truck. I kind of feel like I embody that person, in a way — in my own interpersonal dynamics with my girlfriend, in her eyes, I am that cowboy.”

Watch the “Dressing America” video above.

Silver Tongue is out 1/31/2020 via Merge. Pre-order it here.