Wild Pink Takes A Dizzying Ride Through The Distant Past In The Animated ‘Oversharers Anonymous’ Video

After ushering in a new era of music with the breezy tracks “You Can Have It Back” and “The Shining But Tropical,” Wild Pink offers a final taste of their upcoming third studio record A Billion Little Lights. Delivering the single alongside a vibrantly animated video, Wild Pink details how their lives have been altered by social media.

Directed by Stefano Bertelli and animated by Seen Film, the “Oversharers Anonymous” video takes a dizzying journey through the distant past. About the song in general, Wild Pink vocalist John Ross explains that he was inspired by Ken Burns and a book by Peter Cozzens:

“This is one of the first songs I wrote for A Billion Little Lights and was inspired, among many things, by Ken Burns’ The West and the book The Earth Is Weeping by Peter Cozzens. Also inspired by a drive on the Taconic Parkway. Recording everyone’s parts on the outro was one of my favorite parts of making this album. Libby Weitnauer and Sarah Williams Larsen’s violin playing was incredible. This song, in part, is loosely about the confusing nature of social media and also about how close the distant past actually is to us. I knew early on when making this album that I wanted to have more places for instrumental parts and nearly half this song is instrumental.”

Watch the “Oversharers Anonymous” video above.

A Billion Little Lights is out 2/19 via Royal Mountain Records. Pre-order it here.