What if All 32 NFL Team Logos Were Fat?

10.17.13 4 years ago 85 Comments


I’ve put Manningface on all 32 logos

I’ve made all 32 logos into fine British gentlemen

I’ve re-designed all 32 uniforms

I’ve Photoshoped every QB onto their team’s namesake

It is now time for my next 32 team project. I present to you, the answer to a question literally no one asked. What if all 32 team logos…WERE FAT?!?

BuffaloWings Pats Blimps
Eagles Fatboys Johnny RedskinsJags Texans TitansSandwich Colts
falcons Panthers Bucs SaintsSteelers Ravens BigGals BrownsBears Lions Packers WikingsChiefs PantryRaiders FatBronco Larders49ers Cardinals Hams Seahawks


I guess the answer is most of them would be food. Until my next 32 team nightmare, try not to eat too much.

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