Are The Broncos Really Fining Players For Farting In Meetings?

06.05.15 3 years ago 14 Comments
broncos farting


As it turns out, farting around co-workers is not acceptable. Who knew? Von Miller of the Denver Broncos has been fined multiple times by the team for passing gas in meetings. Apparently, this is like an issue or something.

On one hand, sure, this is quite hilarious. Farting is and always will be childish, stupid and downright entertaining. On the other, Miller kinda has a point. As we all know, holding it in is super unhealthy. Seriously, read what this gastroenterologist has to say.

Via Men’s Health:

If you’re sitting in an all-day meeting, don’t resist letting one loose: Gas is air trapped in your body, so it has to come out sooner or later, says Dr. Bechtold. And while the odor itself isn’t like milk spoiling—growing stronger with time—holding back one fart now may lead to you letting three rip at once. (And that includes not only the power of three, but also the smell.) To top it all off, trying to hold gas in can cause significant bloating and discomfort in your stomach, says Dr. Bechtold. So do yourself a favor, and let it slide when you first feel it. It may be uncomfortable for a minute, but it’ll be a lot more awkward when the whole meeting comes to a pause from smelling your 3-hour buildup.

Can Miller appeal this fine? If so, can that appeal be heard by Roger Goodell? If so, can we televise that? Can the background music be “Somebody Farted?” Please and thank you.

(Via Bleacher Report and Men’s Health)

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