Bruno Mars Agrees To Play Super Bowl Half Time After Finding Out That Sting Performed There A Few Years Ago

09.08.13 4 years ago 9 Comments


As if having a midget calling plays w/ Russell Wilson wanst bad enough the Nfl went out there and got Bruno Mars to call the signals during the halftime show. The only “Wardrobe Malfunction” were in for here folks is if they accidentally give him a jacket in a man’s size.

The shields about power guts and respect and this is a rare miss for Goodell. With Beyonce throwing her butt all over the place and Madonnas cobwebbed crotch, the past two years were wellspent watching tha halftimeshow stomach down on a couc, but now Im going to want to watch it face down in a wading pool. Why Bruno? Hes a Barack Obama clone (also from Hawaii=not racist). If your the NFL you have to go one of two ways with your halftime selection.

1. Hot chicks w/ sex appeal. More guys then girls watch the Superbowl thats a fact. It would of been a absolute cooo if Goodell had gotten Miley Cyrus to twerk for half hour. I would of accepted J-Lo, Faith Hill, Casey Anthony, or anyone else in a small black dress.

2. Classic Rock ‘n’ Roll – Arrowsmith, Hank WIlliams Jr, Gary Glitter, you name it. All bands we can rock to.

“Yuck,” said Joe Dowbenko, 21, of Brooklyn, while knocking back buffalo wings on a football Saturday. “I just don’t affiliate Bruno Mars with football. He’s too sensitive.”

The league already has enough issues w/ its players living the Young Wild and Free lifestyle and look where that got Aaron Hernandez folks. Joe Dowbenko said it best. Yuck.

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