Cris Collinsworth Might As Well Be On The Patriots Payroll

09.29.13 4 years ago 46 Comments

Cris Collinsworth has been absolutely nauseating in his gushing about the Patriots all throughout the Sunday night broadcast, but this? This was absolutely disgusting, if not willfully irresponsible. Following an Aqib Talib interception, Collinsworth brainfarted this all over the airwaves:

“We all know about Aqib Talib and his history. What happened in Tampa and all Bill Belichick does is bring ’em in here and there hasn’t been one ounce of a problem. You know, there’s something about when they come in and play for the Patriots, whatever their issues may have been before, they disappear.”

OH F*CKING DO THEY? Because I remember an entire summer’s worth of profile stories of Aaron Hernandez about all the red flags that persisted throughout his Patriots career leading up to the time that HE F*CKING MURDERED SOMEONE.

Even if you can ignore Aaron Hernandez, this Patriots Way narrative is complete bullshit. Because we all know that Chad Johnson and Albert Haynesworth were smashing successes of career rehabilitation for the Patriots.

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