Easy There, Ray Rice

02.07.13 5 years ago 12 Comments

If you only knew the Ravens by the team’s reputation, this was a bizarre Super Bowl run for them. A team usually heralded for its defense over the years won a title because of its offense. That offense was powered by the player once thought to be its biggest liability, Joe Flacco, whereas the player who is usually the biggest threat on Baltimore’s offense, Ray Rice, had kind of a mess of a postseason. Rice lost three fumbles in four games, including one in the Super Bowl that almost allowed the 49ers to tie the game. Baltimore’s star running back nearly never fumbles in the regular season, but he’s developing quite a habit of putting the ball on the ground in the postseason.

Nevertheless, Ray Rice is a champion and gets to enjoy the trappings of victory, which means parades and such. But it looks like he sucks at celebrating, too. Rice fell off the parade float. He took it in stride, probably because a parade isn’t the time to be upset.

He told CBS’s “Boomer and Carton Show” he landed “in the push-up position, got back up and said, ‘Let’s party.’”

Still, not the best parade to get off the float, given that Baltimore police were just letting the masses jump over crowd barriers and swarm the procession. And, of course, because it’s Baltimore, people got stabbed.

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