I Got Something To Tell Ya, Bud

08.27.12 5 years ago 13 Comments

No No No I Know You Just Threw A Touchdown I Know. Look, Look, Not To The Sideline, Eyes Right Here. Russell, Yes I’m Calling You Russell, I Know It’s Only Been Number Three Up ‘Til Now, But I Gotta Tell You Something, Russell: I Had A Dream Last Night.

I Got A Dreamcatcher Over My Bed, So That Isn’t Supposed To Happen. If I Do Have Bad Dreams, It Has To Be For A Reason. Everything Happens For A Reason, Russell. Don’t Ever Forget That. If I Teach You Nothing In Our Time Together, Let It Be That.

So I Have This Dream. I’m Watching Myself Being Born. Not Even From My Point Of View. From Outside My Body. How Does My Brain Have This Image? It’s A Remarkable Organ, The Brain. Can You Believe The Kind Of Things That Sucker Can Do? And They Think The Robots Are Gonna Bring Us Down? Not On My Watch, Friend. Not On My Watch.

I’m Watching Myself Being Born. At First, I’m Thinking This Is Disturbing. But Then I Have A Total YOLO Moment. You Know #YOLO, Right? You Got Twitter, Right? You Should Get On Twitter. Really. That’s Where I Go To Post My Playlists For Hawks Practice. I Just Put It Out There. You Be The Judge. Anyway, I Saw This YOLO Hashtag And It Really Spoke To Me. You Only Live Once, My Man. You Only F*cking Pardon My French This Life This Life This Life Once. One Time.

I Decide How Many Times Am I Gonna Get The Chance To Watch Myself Be Born. I’m In. All In, All The Way. Show Me What Ya Got, Mind. You Know What Song Is Playing In The Background? This Song Is Playing:

Heck Of A Tune. When I Hear This, I Feel Like I’m Living Five Lifetimes At Once. Like, You Ever Seen That Movie Magnolia? Weird, Weird Ending. I Don’t Even Know. But You Know How It’s About A Bunch Of People With No Central Character? That’s What I Am When I Listen To This Song. I Am Magnolia All Inside One Mind.

So I Watch Myself Be Born. But I Don’t Make It. I Die Right There In The Delivery Room. Gone Just As Soon As I Came. We Don’t Have A Lot Of Time On This Earth. You Know When You’re Dead How Long You Get To Reflect On Every Single Wasted Moment Of Life? Eternity. You Get To Reflect For Eternity. Eternity Is Forever.

This Just Might Be The Coke Talking, Russell, But I Believe In Us. This Is Gonna Work. Say My Name, Russell. Say My Name. Say My Name. Say My Name. Say My Name. Say My Name. Say My Name. Say My Name. Say My Name. Say My Name. Say My Name.

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