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09.18.12 5 years ago 53 Comments

Kellen Winslow became the 400th tight end to sign with the Patriots since the beginning of 2012. He will be tasked with helping the offense survive during the reported four-to-six-week absence of Aaron Hernandez by being an old, subpar version of Aaron Hernandez. Remember, the reason that Winslow was cut loose from the Buccaneers is because Belichick disciple Greg Schiano thought he wasn’t a team player for not attending an off-season workout. When the Bucs initially dealt Winslow to Seattle, Schiano thought about contacting Belichick about the trade, but didn’t, because he didn’t feel Winslow was the type of player his mentor wanted. Nevertheless, one failed workout and an injury later, and Winslow is now an official minion of Grumblelord.

— During the post-game last night, Steve Young said we, the fans, are to blame for stuff like the scab refs because we are unwavering in our support for the NFL product. Guess he’s got us there. Just waiting for a politician to blame the nation’s problems on the electorate. Oh wait…

— Jim Brown is starting to come around on this whole “Trent Richardson doesn’t suck” thing. Just so long as he doesn’t start saying nice things about Doopy Pantz.

— A non-Florio – and thus helpful – legal analysis of the Gregg Williams declaration on the Saints bounty program.

Santonio Holmes Asking For Flags Dot Tumblr Dot Com

— In case you require a rap recap of the Giants win over the Buccaneers. I really think the NFL studio shows should have rappers on set to do a cipher over the highlights. But that would probably frighten a lot of Colts fans.

— Blaine Gabbert is listed as probable with a butt.

Bills fans getting punchy among their own during the home opener against the Chiefs. Isn’t there enough misery attendant in being a Bills fans without manufacturing your own? Not that I won’t watch you beat the hell out of each other for my amusement. Just sayin’.

Bonus fight coverage! Peter King says Seattle is usually too remote for away fans to find, so fights are not commonplace. But the Seahawks were playing the Cowboys on Sunday. Try as we all might, Cowboys fans exist in even the remotest of locales.

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