Kill Kill Kill: A Five-Course Meal of Sharks

02.07.13 5 years ago 8 Comments

Kill Kill Kill makes its glorious return for the off-season with the takedown of a long-time powerhouse. Ain’t shark week this week. Video of a Cape fur seal tossing a blue shark around like it’s a sardine was captured off the coast of South Africa. Pretty sure it’s the first video I’ve watched from that country since District 9. This was just one of five sharks that the seal chewed on that day. Clearly this was not the tastiest of the bunch, as the seal only ate its stomach and liver before moving on. It must suck to get killed by a hungry predator just to have most of your body casually discarded. Then again, I don’t want my killer getting any additional satisfaction from my death beyond the deed itself. Just another reason why I’ve been poisoning my body with a steady diet of alcohol and only the highest of fructose corn syrups.

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