KLEARINGHOUSE: Yep, It’s a Helmet

04.07.15 3 years ago 95 Comments

It’s weeks until the draft or the NFL schedule release, so we’re left to wonder what minor changes are coming to the Browns’ uniform and helmet. Though the official unveiling won’t come until later this month, there’s been much in the way of leaks and speculation. New Browns receiver Brian Hartline posted an image on of the helmet on Instagram that gibes with everything we’ve heard about the new design. We’ll have to just wait and see before we’re officially underwhelmed.

— New York Magazine is assisting Ray Rice in his comeback effort with a glowing profile orchestrated by the PR firm he hired. Other than the part where Rice talks about how he’s sorry he brought shame on the NFL, my pick for the creepiest line goes to “In his telling, the ‘mistake’ in the elevator was a starting point that had sent him on a journey of self-discovery.

— According to intriguing if highly suspect rumors, the Eagles and Browns have discussed trading Sam Bradford to Cleveland for Johnny Manziel and a first-round pick. Though apparently the pick is what the Eagles are really after in order to trade up and get Marcus Mariota. So why bother with Manziel in the first place? Probably because tossing his name into this bullshit is more likely to get people to pay attention.

— In addition to mentioning the bond over weed between Aaron Hernandez and Odin Lloyd, Hernandez’s lawyers during closing arguments mentioned that Hernandez was at the scene of the killing but not responsible for it, though prosecutors contend that’s what what the former tight end told Robert Kraft.

— Former Dolphins quarterback Dick Wood passed away at the age of 79. I’m sure he was a fine person who lived a rich life and didn’t squander a day. That said, damn dude, if you have died 10 years earlier we’d have the best obit in history.

— Patrick Peterson revealed that he’s diabetic. So chin up, Jay Cutler. You’re not alone on this one.

— LeGarrette Blount has been suspended for the first game of the 2015 season for the marijuana arrest he had early last year when he was still on the Steelers. Given that Pittsburgh is a decent possibility to visit the Patriots for the season kickoff, that might prove some small consolation to the running back going to the Pats after they cut him midseason.

— The Jets have reportedly agreed to terms with linebacker Eric Henderson, who didn’t play in the NFL in 2014 after being arrested for drunk driving twice in the span of three months about a year ago.

— Former Giants and Dolphins cornerback Will Allen and his business partner have been charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission for operating a Ponzi scheme in which they raised $31 million from other professional athletes but misled them on the terms of the loans.

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