KSK Commenter Draft: Simpsons Character You’d Like To Befriend For Life

06.13.08 10 years ago 329 Comments

As anyone who’s read so much as a poorly constructed paragraph on this site is aware, we like to lard our writing with innumerable Simpsons quotes. It’s that thing that we say.

With a cast of characters numbering somewhere in the tens of millions, there’s someone in The Simpsons universe that anyone can identify with, like Col. Leslie Hap Hapablap for Ufford, Data for Ape (“Oh look, a clue! Candy bar wrapper!”) and Ralph for Maj.

But which would you actually want to hang around with? Duffman might be fun, for say, five minutes, but the constant “DUFFMAN! NEEDS TO FILE ESTIMATED TAXES BEFORE THE 16TH! OH YEAH!” could wear thin.

My inaugural pick: Moe Szyslak.

He’s the only person I know who has a worse opinion of himself than I do, he’s a complete degenerate (“I had a lot of fun being you, Dr. Hibbert. One thing: You’re not welcome in the library no more.”), he won’t upstage me with the ladies and, oh, he has access to unlimited booze. Thanks, pally.

Since we’re dealing with a somewhat finite population here, you have to wait at least five picks before making another.

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