KSK Mock Draft: Two snack foods for the rest of your life

04.22.11 7 years ago 201 Comments

For the final KSK mock draft of the off-season we’re selecting one snack food for the rest of our lives. Well that’s not entirely accurate, seeing as how we went two rounds. So I guess it’s more like two snack foods for the rest of our lives. In order for a pick to qualify as a snack food it must be something that’s readily available at a grocery and/or convenience store, and it must be ready to eat as is. That means no cooking or assembly whatsoever. Oh, and good news. For the sake of this draft the snack foods in question will not make you morbidly obese. So put down the raisins and check out the results. Then take your turn in the comment section as usual.

1. Drew
2. UM
3. Flubby
4. CC
5. Punte
6. Ape

1. Drew – Cheetos

I love them. I really do. I could eat six bags a day.

2. UM – Restaurant style tortilla chips

I’m partial to the Xochitl salted variety, personally.

3. Flubby – Oatmeal Creme Pie

Greatest snack of all time.

4. CC – Beef jerky

And don’t nobody go try to get the pepper beef jerky — that’s mine, too.

5. Punte – Trail mix

M&Ms and peanuts? Don’t mind if I does.

Salty and sweet. Good value.

6. Ape – White cheddar Smart popcorn

7. Ape – Cheez-Its


That guy seems to agree.

8. Punte – Gummy bears

The breakfast, lunch and dinner of champions.

9. CC – Pistachios


Do those qualify? I fucking love pistachios.

They absolutely qualify, and they would not have been around much longer. Pistachios are the tits.

10. Flubby – Cashews


They aren’t pistachios, but they’re pretty great in their own right.

11. UM – Ice cream

How is this still on the board? I’m an idiot for not taking it in the first round.

12. Drew – Dry roasted peanuts

We’ll be back next week with the first Commenter Draft of the year. If you have a suggestion for a new topic feel free to send it in.

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