KSK Week in Review: Too Many Cooks

11.07.14 3 years ago 234 Comments

Have you watched “Too Many Cooks”, Adult Swim’s 11-minute pastiche of ’80s TV show tropes plus insane shit?

Several likely replies:

1. Yes I have, it’s everywhere, dingus – Okay, then watch it again.
2. No – Good! You gave the ideal reply. I don’t know why I listed you second. Now watch it.
3. I don’t give a shit – Yeah well go screw. Also watch it.

Thanks again for joining us for another week of Kissing Suzy Kolber contentball. This week seemed to fly by quicker than most, possibly because I caught the flu in the middle of the week and slept a lot.

But wha happened? I’ll tell you: A dog rappelled into a stadium and lived to write an Internet column about it. A Falcons player tried to buy weed on Instagram. A Ravens fan identified “face-flopping” as a thing a player can do to draw a penalty. A former Ravens cheerleader allegedly did bad things to an underage male at a very boring Delaware beach. The NFL abruptly announced the creation of midseason playoffs

But mostly, Andy Dalton was hilariously terrible, if not quite historically so. And not just as a quarterback, but as a leader too.

That’s good stuff. Looking forward to Sunday, when there’s a chance that America gets to introduce (infect) the British to Brandon Weeden. There’s also the Chiefs-Bills, Dolphins-Lions and 49ers-Saints. Until then,

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