KSK Week In Review: Trading Places

03.06.15 3 years ago 343 Comments

Care for a glimpse into the endlessly splashy life of a football dick joke blogger? After Johnny Sugar took part in our Konnoisseur Klub series last week with his entry on the finer points of eating Totino’s pizza rolls, we received this email on Tuesday:

My name is Katie, and I’m the Community Engagement Specialist for Totino’s. My team and I happened across Johnny Sugar’s hilarious review of Pizza Rolls on KSK, and we LOVED IT! I for one wish I could curse at will a lot more than I’m allowed to in my job, especially when I get excited about Pizza Rolls :)

Is there a way I can contact Johnny directly? I’d love to send some coupons for free product along to show our appreciation! Thanks very much!

FREE PIZZA ROLLS FOR DAYS, FAM! That’s right, KSK exists solely to give free advertising to #brands in exchange for coupons if we’re lucky. The lack of revenue is a-okay so long as those pizza rolls keep coming. Sadness just isn’t going to eat itself away.

[Breathes heavily while sitting]

Coming into this week, it seemed like it would be devoid of anything but franchise tags being applied and beloved veterans being cast aside. There was plenty of that stuff, but there were also trades – ones that people actually care about! – serving as blessed distraction from an otherwise slow time of the year.

One of them was a blockbuster player-for-player trade that got pulled off in 20 minutes.

One marked the third trade Brandon Marshall has been involved in in his career.

And one was the Bills hilariously trading for Matt Cassel.

The start of free agency arrives next week. With the $10 million hike in the cap across the board coupled with several teams having huge amounts of room available under the cap, there should be some ample windfalls for a few high-profile players. You have one fewer hour of weekend to enjoy so you’d better get to it.

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