KSK’s List Of The Most Average Players Ever

05.22.12 6 years ago 209 Comments

After a painstaking process of pulling random names out of our ass (ASS DON’T LIE) and briefly scanning stats to make sure players weren’t better than we remember, we here at KSK have produced the definitive list of the most average NFL players ever. Never mind that entire generations of players aren’t represented. THEY WERE JUST TOO GOOD BACK THEN. Anyway, feel free to argue and complain, as we’re likely wrong about most of these. It’s not like anyone is going to prove us wrong, unless Football Outsiders runs the numbers and calculates which players hewed most closely to replacement level for the longest, in which case someone will actually have proved us wrong. Until at that time, this will have to do.

Also worth nothing: we’re aware some of these players were named to a Pro Bowl. We’re confident that that Pro Bowl season is surrounded by enough mediocrity or meager production for their career to be considered quintessentially average on the whole. We’re not disqualifying a cornerback from the list just because of a statistical aberration that caused them to make the Pro Bowl for having eight picks one year just because the ball bounced their way or quarterbacks repeatedly threw on them. So there! And now, the list!

100. Mike Rumph

99. Todd Pinkston

98. Marvcus Patton

97. Damione Lewis

96. Chris Dishman

95. Lee Evans

94. Maurice Morris

93. Deshea Townsend

92. Leslie Shepherd

91. Josh Miller

90. Darnay Scott

89. Dre’ Bly

88. Alvin Harper

87. Kailee Wong

86. Al Del Greco

85. Dixon Edwards

84. Aaron Brooks

83. Marty Booker

82. Cadillac Williams

81. Ethan Albright

80. Chris Chandler

79. Jerricho Cotchery

78. Amp Lee

77. Gerald Dixon

76. Joe Namath (Hall of Fame liver, average ability)

75. Deon Grant

74. Tony Banks

73. Jeff Reed

72. Justin Hartwig

71. Phillippi Sparks

70. Todd Collins

69. Marcus Pollard

68. Brentson Buckner

67. Torrance Small

66. Neil O’Donnell

65. Jose Cortez

64. Ike Reese

63. Nate Washington

62. Antowain Smith

61. Pisa Tinoisamoa

60. Josh Reed

59. Scott Shanle

58. Jim Harbaugh

57. Dewayne Washington

56. Anthony Becht

55. Corey Fuller

54. LaMont Jordan

53. Earl Dotson

52. Cedric Benson

51. Chris Zorich

50. Craig Morton

49. Chris Claiborne

48. Ike Hilliard

47. Otis Smith

46. Nick Barnett

45. Jason Campbell

44. Jason Sehorn

43. Ed West

42. Terry Kirby

41. Will Allen

40. Brian Griese

39. Gus Frerotte

38. Kevin Curtis

37. Jabar Gaffney

36. Shawn Jefferson

35. Knowshon Moreno

34. Dave Brown

33. Edgar Bennett

32. Kyle Orton

31. Roy Williams (WR)

30. Tim Biakabutuka

29. Carlos Emmons

28. Rick Tuten

27. Tyrone Poole

26. Merril Hoge

25. Leroy Hoard

24. Don Beebe

23. Clark Haggans

22. Steve DeBerg

21. Robert Gallery

20. Errict Rhett

19. Chris Calloway

18. Eric Barton

17. A.J. Hawk

16. Bernie Parmalee

15. Rodney Peete

14. Joe Jurevicius

13. Vonnie Holliday

12. Dhani Jones

11. James Jett

10. Roman Phifer

9. Bubby Brister

8. Trent Dilfer

7. J.J. Stokes

6. Adam Archuleta

5. Kyle Brady

4. Ricky Proehl

3. Vencie Glenn

2. Steve Walsh

1. James Thrash

There you have it. According to our complex metric of bullshit and gut feeling, James Thrash is the most average player in the history of the NFL. Henceforth, the threshold separating the shitty from the pretty good will be referred to as the Thrash Line Thrashhold.

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