Larry Johnson Is Now A Strip Club DJ

10.07.13 4 years ago 25 Comments


Larry and one of his Buddies

Former All-pro running back and all around scholar/gentleman Larry Johnson is now working as a strip club DJ at Tootsie’s in Miami, Florida according to TMZ- the same club that Aaron Hernandez took his buddy before alegedly shooting him in the face. (Not the time with the driveby, and not the time he just got arrested for, but the other one where he shot someone right after going to a club with them- the third one your thinking of.) Apparently Larry just kind’ve started bringing in his own albums and doing guest spots and now he’s somewhat of a regular there.

How hard is it to be a strip club DJ? Do you have to bring your own knife or do they give you one at the door? Does Larry announce there colleges when they go onstage? “Large Marge, THE University of Devry.” Far as I can tell you throw a tape in there with the following tracklist on repeat:

  1. Pour Some Sugar On Me
  2. Cum On Feel The Noise
  3. Tear’s In Heaven

Larry (and his flask) has gone from following the footsteps of Tony Richardson to following the footsteps of Cedric Benson,, but I woudnt be shocked to learn that LJ’s a terrible DJ given his past tendencys to only care about his own records and avoiding hits at all costs folks.

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