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07.30.12 6 years ago 17 Comments

Been a while since we heard from Marty B, so here’s him showing off his skills in the arena of mimicking small yappy dogs. He also said he’d like to travel back in time to advise people to avoid injury. Well, that would just irrevocably screw with the timeline of future events. That would mean untold and possible disastrous consequences. Good thing we haven’t let Marty B do that.

— Titans receiver O.J. Murdock has reportedly died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was found in a car in front of the high school he attended in Tampa.

— Blaine Gabbert completed one pass in the span of 12 snaps during Jaguars practice this morning. So they’ll probably be okay if they don’t get MJD to show.

— The Falcons didn’t let the Saints use their logo on the statue of Steve Gleason that was just unveiled outside of the Superdome. That’s some tasty division rival hatred.

— Speaking of division rivals, Vikings rookie Josh Robinson tweeted this picture of a note he left on a Packers fan’s truck that he spotted while leaving church. I’m mainly impressed with the legibility of his handwriting. That’s good script!

— D.J. Williams, the non-suspended D.J. Williams who plays for the Packers, said he’s been wrestling cows to stay in shape. But they’re cows in his home of Arkansas and not those in Wisconsin, so clearly he thinks he’s too good for Poovey Farms.

— Redskins players discovered that their iPad playbooks contain a function that allows them to anonymously send messages to the rest of their teammates. No way Cooley hasn’t already sent everybody a picture of his dick.

— Michael Vick said he’s done talking about his past, just as soon as he gets done marketing this book about his past.

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