Let The Record Show That This Youngster Has No Testicles In His Mouth

09.17.08 9 years ago 44 Comments

The subject of this video is Broncofan1990, who is either a young fan of the Denver NFL franchise, or the test tube lovechild of Kige Ramsey and a Chinese otter. Broncofan set out on youtube to share some insights about his favorite team. Turns out that, unlike the dapper Kentuckian Kige, this guy’s commentary was not so well-received:

The kid was true to his word.

There’s no shit anywhere on youtube now for “Broncfn90,” but the legacy lives on.

Some of the more precious soundbitess in this vid have been spliced and diced (“And you know what? Birth defects!“), giving this kid a modest push up the internet meme totem pole. But not everyone’s laughing. Here’s one response from Bronc’s few supporters out there on the eBays:


Much love and extra bamboo to Holy Taco for the find.

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