Meast And Least: Week 2

09.18.12 5 years ago 49 Comments

The ineptitude of the scab refs is so extensive that fresh stories of their lack of professionalism and clueless are still being broken on Tuesday. One of them already has more or less been blocked from doing games since he couldn’t keep his Saints homerism off his Facebook page. Now the news is going around that a replacement ref told LeSean McCoy that he needs the Eagles running back in his fantasy team. LeSean does not control the draft order of your league, sir.

After Week 1, there was a sense that people could live with the scab refs because they didn’t screw up at an appreciably higher rate than the regular ones. However, just as NFL teams adjust when they get rookies on tape, they had something to study on the scab refs. Sensing the refs’ complete inability to keep games under control, players knew they could wreak havoc with little consequence. All Week 2 games were then rife with brawls, delays and confusion. While it’s tempting to pronounce the scab refs or those responsible for their presence (ROG! ROG! ROG!) as the Least, there’s absolutely no reason to believe it won’t be even worse in Week 3.

Why bestow the Least on the scabs now when they haven’t even peaked in their Leastiness? Yes, there’s a decent possibility that the hue and cry about the scabs, which undoubtedly will consume the week in sports media, propels the league and refs union to a deal, so we might as well nail the scabs while we can. But that viewpoint gives the league a little too much credit. It was abundantly clear that the scabs were going to be awful if they got a chance to officiate regular season games and no resolution was reached in the preseason when there was still time to avoid the current embarrassment.

Your Sean Taylor Memorial Meast of the Week is C.J. Spiller, who had 123 yards rushing yards, 47 receiving yards and two scores in the Bills’ blowout win over the Chiefs. Spiller is averaging 10.1 yards per carry through two games. Were he generous, he might consider loaning some of those yards to Chris Johnson. Or he could have told me that he’s put his years of being generally useless behind him so I could have drafted him in fantasy. Shit, replacement refs don’t even want the right running backs in fantasy. Spiller is killing LeSean right now.

Others receiving consideration: Clay Matthews, William Moore, Reggie Bush, Hakeem Nicks, Calais Campbell

Your Jeff George Memorial Least of the Week is Josh Morgan. Even if you can leave aside the incompetence of the scab refs, there was a high leastiness quotient for Week 2. Morgan gets the nod, if for nothing else, because he is now insisting that people refer to him as Joshua instead of Josh. LEASTUA! Also, you can’t throw the ball at someone, whether they provoked you or not. Even the scab refs aren’t deaf and dumb enough to let that go. Of course, now that I wrote that, there will uncalled unspokesmanlike conduct penalty from a thrown ball that would have swing a game this coming weekend.

Others receiving consideration: Stephen Gostkowski, Jay Cutler, Aqib Talib, Greg Schiano, Peyton Manning, J’Marcus Webb

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