Move It Along, Folks – Nothing To See Here

10.11.10 7 years ago 37 Comments

Why, just a few weeks ago, the biggest storyline going for this game would be the return of Dickabod Crane from his four-game suspension. But then Randy Moss had to tell Tom Brady that Dreamboat has a woman’s haircut and Brett Farve had to (ALLEGEDLY) beam photos of his thimbledick over a cell phone to Jenn Sterger. And so we have a Category 5 Shitstorm brewing over the New Meadowlands. Beats another game with Dolphins, I guess.

Now, Moss has to go against the Jets’ two shit-talking corners for the second time in a month. Favre faces the team that he might have committed sexual harassment while playing for. And Inez Sainz and Sterger will cover it all while in body paint from the sidelines. Basically, sports news producer’s wet dream a million times over.

Oh, and if you need more hollow and sordid football talk to tide you over before the game, there’s my Designed Rush column over at SB Nation.

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