NFL allegedly mulls cutting preseason, expanding playoffs in 2014 because YOLO

09.29.13 4 years ago 7 Comments


We already know King Roger really wants more money for the league games for fans; the 18-game season idea is lingering like a bad Rob Ryan fart at the Rick’s Cabaret buffet. But a report today on ESPN that’s being overlooked due to all the hot action in the heavyweight Cards-Bucs game indicates there may be another way the NFL is looking to expand revenue the season.

According to MORT, sources say the NFL is looking to cut back the preseason to three games and throw 14 teams into the playoffs. (Math tells me the way this would work is one team gets a bye with three first-round games.) Playoff expansion would up the odds of a .500 or even sub-.500 team making the playoffs but the extra playoff games would make up all of the lost revenue from cutting the preseason games. It also prevents Goodell from adding more games while also banging the drum of player safety and thereby looking like a giant-ass hypocrite.

Though King Roger implied the current four-preseason game/12-playoff-team format would stick around for at least another year in an interview earlier this week, these mysterious sources told MORT that it’s possible ,if everything gets worked out and the votes are lined up, that the new season format could be ready by next year.

But sources told ESPN that the changes could still be implemented as early as 2014 if the NFL can procure the necessary votes from team owners. The league also would need to establish a new preseason scheduling formula, get sponsorship agreements and resolves a few stadium lease issues, sources said.

Whether or not it will, though, is another matter that depends on what kind of blood sacrifice Jerry Jones offers the King.

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