Nick Fairley Progressively More Happy With Arrests

05.27.12 6 years ago 40 Comments

We mentioned on Friday the very real possibility of player misdeeds forcing us to check in over the Memorial Day weekend. Lo and behold, here’s Nick Fairley getting arrested for the second time in two months. This infraction involved an attempt to elude police while being suspected of drunk driving, which is a fine idea and always works out for the best. Shockingly the attempt to flee fizzled out, Fairley was apprehended and charged with a DUI, plus a bonus for briefly trying to make a run for it. He also got ticketed for not having proof of insurance, reckless driving and having an open container. Quite a haul.

Troopers said Fairley passed an officer’s car travelling 100 mph in a black Cadillac Escalade and initially failed to yield, but eventually stopped. The officer said he showed signs of impairment.

But as you can see, Fairley seemed in much better spirits while being booked early Sunday morning than he was back in April, when he was brought in on a marijuana possession charge. Funny, I’m usually much happier with weed than I am with booze. Nick Fairley must be the rare happy drunk.

Despite the whole “knocking them out of the playoffs” thing, you have to think the Lions owe the Saints a debt of gratitude for assuming the NFL’s bad boys role for the upcoming season with the bounty stuff. Otherwise this arrest would just prompt more talk of how the Lions are full of NO-ACCOUNT OUT OF CONTROL BADDY BADNIKS. Unless Lions players think with more and more unlawful behavior, they can retake the top spot of NFL heels, which we all hope they do.

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