Profiles in fandom: Robert Charles Comer

04.09.09 9 years ago 55 Comments

True story: In 1987, Robert Charles Comer befriended a fellow camper, then robbed him and shot him in cold blood. The meth-fueled sociopath went to another campsite. Using an EMT badge he stole from the dead man, he persuaded a young couple that he was a drug enforcement agent. After winning their trust, he assaulted and bound the couple. Comer raped the woman repeatedly in front of her boyfriend, then abducted her. Miraculously, she managed to escape after Comer’s truck broke down. He was apprehended the next day.

Months later, an Arizona judge handed down a death sentence while a naked, belligerent Comer sat strapped to a wheelchair, surrounded by armed by deputies. While in prison he developed a nasty habit of trying to stab guards and fellow inmates with crudely-fashioned knives. In 2000, Comer waived his remaining appeals, asking that his punishment be carried out.

In late 2007, Comer was put death by lethal injection. When asked if he had any final words. Comer proclaimed with his final breath, “Go Raiders.”

Clearly, Robert Charles Comer was the least objectionable Raiders fan who ever lived.

[, thanks to reader Dan C. ]

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