Seahawks GM Seems To Believe Ryan Tannehill’s New Extension Will Affect Russell Wilson Negotiations

05.20.15 3 years ago 49 Comments
New York Jets v Miami Dolphins

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We haven’t had much discussion about Ryan Tannehill’s new contract extension, as there’s only so much to be said for incentive-laden deals for mid-tier quarterbacks. That said, every new contract for a quarterback potentially changes the market for other passers. That’s what Seahawks general manager John Schneider seems to believe about Tannehill’s new deal. With Russell Wilson entering the final year of his rookie contract in 2015, the Seahawks have to find a way to lock down their quarterback who reportedly wants the richest deal in NFL history. Schneider seems to believe Tannehill’s new deal will make that more difficult.

Seattle was going to have to pay dearly to keep Wilson well before Tannehill’s new deal was announced. In terms of total money, Tannehill’s deal isn’t likely to mean much for Russell Wilson. The extension for the Dolphins quarterback has a ceiling of $96 million over six years and not a lot of guaranteed money. In total value, Wilson’s contract demands have been more closely linked with the seven-year, $127 million contract that Jay Cutler signed at the beginning of 2014. Every new contract for a starting quarterback pushes values for the position a little bit higher league-wide, so technically Tannehill’s new deal might spur the yearly average a touch for Wilson. Of course, that would have been the case with any franchise quarterback. Wilson is just the next one in line. At least, presumably.

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