Sure, It’s ‘Girls’ You Wanna Ogle. Right. We’ll Play Along.

08.15.08 10 years ago 33 Comments

You know, I didn’t realize so many homophobic prisses read KSK. Back when we founded this site, the commenters were a more rugged breed. We could look at pictures of beautiful men like me or James Franco or me and say, “That fella looks damn good,” and no one accused you of being gay. We were more secure in who were. There was nothing wrong in celebrating another man’s strength — and I contend that there still isn’t. Why, saying that you’d have anal sex with Tom Brady doesn’t make you gay. It just makes you an average Pats fan.

Anyway, for all you “straight” guys who just want to look at pictures of tits (yeah, right), I present to you Love of the NFL’s Top Ten Cheerleading Squads. Let’s take a look at their rankings.

10. Bengals
9. Cardinals
8. Patriots
7. 49ers
6. Broncos
5. Panthers
4. Bucs
3. Cowboys
2. Chargers
1. Dolphins

Obviously, “half-assed” is a kind phrase for this list. It’s more like quarter-assed. Everyone knows that all three NFC East squads (Eagles/Skins/Boys) should be in the top five. And the Ben-Gals belong in the top ten like sports bloggers belong in People’s Sexiest Man Alive issue. And while I’d put the Chargers Girls in the top spot, I’ll admit that there’s some compelling evidence to support Love of the NFL’s claim.

That’s a fine looking Dolphin. I’d like a closer look at her blowhole. And by “blowhole” I could mean any number of things, really.

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