Texans-Patriots Live Blog, First Half

12.10.12 5 years ago 1,021 Comments

The Texans and their fancy new letterman jackets travel to Gillette Stadium to do playoff ramifying battle with the New England Patriots. It really is a shame that Boston people have to root against the Texans. With all the standout white players they have on defense, it’s almost the perfectly designed roster to appeal to Patriots fans. Ah well.

The winner tonight shall be decreed the unquestioned AFC favorite, an honor which is worth nothing but high expectations and a kinder media narrative for the next few weeks. You can tell a lot of folks in the media are hoping that the Patriots prevail. Perhaps it’s a desire to stick with the familiar storylines they’ve used for years to fluff the Greatriots. Having to embrace a new team would just be odd and unsettling for them. If Brady’s not top dog, who will the people behind the Dodge Dart marketing campaign turn to for endorsements?

And while Gronk still won’t be playing, apparently he’s keeping busy by stopping by classes at a local college. Wait, I thought Kirk Cousins for the professor of Footballology 101? Guess not. Anyway, reader Pete has the class that Gronk visited:

So as you already know, Gronk came to my school yesterday. He was apparently doing a guest lecture or something for a marketing class and my roommate snapped this candid. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend because the professor said it was only for students in his class that “tweeted at him.” I’m not sure why he would visit a D-1 quidditch school, but here it is.

Students sitting around watching Gronk eat? How isn’t that informative? Said Gronk, “I don’t know what subject this is, but your professor got tyte snax, bros.”

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