The Cowboys And Jaguars Really Want Our Awesome Tweets

05.27.15 3 years ago 30 Comments


I’ve been spending the morning going through the bios of NFL team accounts on Twitter, because it’s deep in the offseason and sometimes the desperate search for #content takes your trusty editor to strange places. Besides – dear lord – anything beats paying attention to OTAs.

For the most part, team bios are about as imaginative as you’d expect: “THIS IS THE OFFICIAL ACCOUNT OF [whatever team].” The Packers and 49ers spice it up a little by mentioning how many championships their organization has won. Look at them stuntin’ on social media. The Dolphins and Giants haven’t even bothered to fill out a bio and I can’t say I blame them. You have the team name in the handle and the blue checkmark next to it. A user really doesn’t need to be told a second time that they’re looking at the official account of the team.


The Ravens amusingly have a disclaimer that the account’s tweets and RTs don’t represent the front office or coaches, possibly because no one of consequence wants to be held responsible for how dumb Ravens Twitter has been in the past.


Then there are the Cowboys and Jaguars, who both want you to know that they own any tweet you make to them, so watch yourself. Photo usage rights are an important thing for companies that pull stuff from social media, as evidenced by the army of bottom-dwelling news publication employees asking for permission to use photos posted by people tweeting about disasters on location. Still, the Jaguars seems extra aggressive claiming that the team owns any tweet hashtagged with the term “jaguars”.

Anyway, we know we’re just giving away our quality #content here, but we can’t help wanting to donate to the Jags’ and Cowboys’ cache of awesome tweets.

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